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Inspired by Serge Goyette who helped him make sense of school 30 years ago, director Simon Goulet wants to find out why so many more boys than girls drop out of high school in Quebec. Drop-outs, drop-back-ins, parents, teachers and specialists take a hard look at the topic and do some serious damage to a number of sacred cows. Filmed in the style of a debate, A Guy’s a Guy! is both deeply moving and very funny. But above all it starts a conversation on the language of boys and explores ways we can join in.

Simon Goulet

Born in 1962 in the Lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec, Simon Goulet has directed over 20 projects. His first interest was the documentary. He was influenced by the films and working methods of the National Film Board of Canada where, working in distribution for 12 years, he screened thousands of documentaries and animated films. During that time he directed a reflection on abstract art with Les Personnages and a portrait with La main lumineuse. After studies in marketing and film & television, he earned a degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University where he directed Ad vitam aeternam…Amen! and Chutes de neige. His work then grew more experimental, leading to a sort of visual fairyland in Nivis (prize-winner in Cork and Montreal) and Chroma cola. In 2003 he completed OÏO, a “cinepainting,” 11 years in the making, in which he mastered his technique. (21 international prizes) Concerned by the large numbers of boys dropping out of school, Simon Goulet returned to the documentary and in 2013 delivered Un gars, c’est un gars! (A Guy’s a Guy!) to Radio-Canada.


Original concept, script, direction, narration Simon Goulet
Script collaboration Luc Cyr
Research Ania Kazi, Sarah Olivia Mizrahi
Editing Vincent Guignard
Narration Script Michel Langlois
Original Music Robert Marcel Lepage
Cinematography Sylvain Maillard
Second Camera Simon Goulet, Nathalie Lasselin
Location Sound Martyne Morin, Pierre Bertrand
Sound Editing Benoit Dame
Production Catherine Drolet
© Films de l’Oeil

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Gemeaux Award Finalist 2014 (Quebec Television Award):
Best Documentary: Society                                                                                                                                                            Best Research: Public Affairs, documentary all categories
Serge Goyette, one of the film’s protagonist, is also a speaker. Screenings of Un gars, c’est un gars! can be organised and followed by a conference with Serge Goyette, the retired educator and school director who inspired filmmaker Simon Goulet.
Broadcast in Canada on RDI and Radio Canada
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