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Films de l'Oeil Inc. is a production company that aims to spark thoughtful debate on current issues through a variety of points of view and experiences reflecting the diversity of our world. Films de l'Oeil is committed to tell stories, to conveying information through rich, bold content, and entertaining with innovative treatments. Founded in Montreal by Catherine Drolet, Films de l’Oeil is recognized for the high quality of all its documentary productions (cinema, television, web, digital campaign), recipients of Prix Gémeaux and several other national and international awards.


  • Catherine Drolet
  • Catherine Drolet
  • Catherine Drolet
    President & Producer
    Catherine Drolet has been in documentary film production for 18 years. She worked on over 60 documentaries, first at the National Film Board of Canada and at InformAction Films, then at Films de l’Oeil, the company she founded in Montreal. Rigorous and passionate, she is recognized for the high quality of all her productions, recipients of Prix Gémeaux and several other national and international awards. She gained prominence as a producer with the feature-length documentary, Yesterday Still Hoping by Catherine Veaux-Logeat, broadcast on Radio-Canada, RDI and TV5 Monde, screened at numerous festivals and cinemas from here and abroad, and honoured at the Festival international des droits de l'homme in Paris. She also worked from 2004 to 2008 on the feature-length documentary À Contre-courant de Lisa Sfriso, winner of the Télé-Québec public award at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, and produced Small Wonders selected for competition at Hot Docs and broadcasted on CBC. Catherine curated the Encounter with the Ma’ohi culture of French Polynesia to the acclaim of the public and the international francophone media and was involved in the documentary series Voulez-vous danser? (Zone 3, Artv). She has also presided on various juries, notably the Iris and Prix Gémeaux (Quebec Awards). She then launched the feature-length documentary: No Land No Food No Life (Sans terre, c’est la faim) by Amy Miller, along with an interactive website. The film was selected by the VIFF as well by the IDFA where it’s been finalist for the IDFA-OXFAM Prize, won the Crossroads / Images from the global South Prize and a special jury mention from the FFPE. It has screened in cinemas. It has screened in cinemas, and been broadcast on Super Channel and Télé-Québec and numerous international broadcasters. A Guy's a Guy! was released in 2014. This debate-style film on school dropouts was shown on RDI and Radio-Canada. At the 2014 Prix Gémeaux (Quebec Television Awards) both films were nominated for "Best Social Documentary" and Un gars, c’est un gars! was also up for "Best Research: Public Affairs, or Documentary Programming.” In 2017, Catherine released Cities Held Hostage de Martin Frigon, broadcasted on CBC, that Radio-Canada will broadcast in 2018 in its French version titled Main basse sur la ville, after its premiere at Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma and its release in theatre which has been a great success. Claude – Still Alive by Bruno Boulianne is also selected by the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma and release in theatre. It has been produced with the collaboration of Canal D which broadcasted the film in 2018. Claude – Still Alive won two Gémeaux : “Best Documentary or Documentary Series : Biography or Portrait” and “Best Sound: Magazines, Public Affairs, Documentary Programming”, in addition to being a finalist in two other categories “Best Documentary Direction: Biography or Portray, Arts and Culture, Nature, Sciences and Environment”, and “Best Original Music: Documentary“ highlighting the work of Brad Barr of The Barr Brothers. Catherine Drolet is skilled at assembling exceptional teams of artists and technicians to ensure that her productions bear a stamp of quality. A life-long learner fascinated by a multiplicity of topics, her formal education includes a Bachelor of Counseling (B.Ed.,1997), a diploma from HEC-Montreal in television and cinematographic production management education program (2010) and a Master in project management (MGP, 2015).
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